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Which Finger Should Matching Rings be worn? Social norms, lifestyles fashion, tradition... are all elements that push people to select a particular finger when wearing women's rings. Some people interpret the meaning behind the finger choice. Wearing a woman's ring on the middle finger, thumb little finger, index or ring finger can reveal the personality of a person.

Ring fingers with rings

If there's a finger that is ideal for wearing rings, it's the finger with the ring. Its name is an obvious reference to the ring. You can now wear any ring that you would like on this ring.

In addition, it is on the finger where engagement rings and wedding rings are traditionally worn. In France as well as in many other countries it is on the left finger where these jewelry symbolizes unions are worn. The engagement ring may be transferred to the right ring finger when the wedding ceremony is over.

It is recommended to wear rings on the right hand, if you're not married. This will allow you to avoid causing confusion to those who are around you. It can also be an effective method to avoid being solicited.

Rings such as the Signet ring and others for the tiny finger

The little finger isn't the most convenient to decorate with rings. The little finger on the left hand is where the signet rings are worn. These rings were used to seal official documents during the Middle Ages. This hand position was the most appropriate to apply the wax seal. Even today, men and women are drawn to this hand when wearing the signet the ring.

The little finger can be adorned with other pieces of jewelry. Select rings that are slim and well-adjusted.

Jewelry for the index finger

This finger is crucial in everyday life. This is why it is important to be careful when choosing the jewelry for your index finger. An accident quickly occurred. You should choose simple, complete, and smooth jewelry. Avoid rings that have precious stones or other ornaments. The aim is to ensure that your ring does not get damaged by your daily activities. You must also avoid allowing external elements to catch your ring and cause injuries to you.

Rings for the middle finger

It is the longest finger on the hand and often, it is also the tiniest. It lends itself well to wearing rings. However, think about the significance of an extended middle finger prior choosing your jewelry. This finger is extremely visible. You can therefore wear almost all kinds of rings on this finger, from the most extravagant to the most subtle. We usually think of the middle finger as being the finger that reflects our personal identity. Choose a ring that is designed to reflect your personal style and personality.

A thumb ring

Similar to the index finger the thumb is also used extensively in daily activities. Pick a ring that isn't rough or hooking, especially when you are occupied with manual and physical activity. This thumb is stronger than others, so the size of the ring is crucial. More or less wide rushes are particularly recommended to adorn a thumb either on the right or the left.

How to Measure the Size of a Ring for Women?

The ring is among the most beautiful gifts can be received or given. It symbolizes the bond which binds two people. Once the model is chosen, it's important to know the ring's size. A ring for women that is too tight can cause injury, while a ring too big could fall off the finger. To determine the size of the ring you should choose, the sole measurement you need to know is the size of your finger. Here are some guidelines on how to measure the size of a woman's ring.

Ring sizes for women

The size of the ring is the sum of the joint of the finger and the size of the ring. If we measure the circumference at which the ring will be placed and the circumference at the joint is 5.1cm the average size is 5cm. We multiply this number by ten and we obtain the size of the ring. In this example the size of the woman's rings will be 50. This size corresponds to a ring with an area of 2.5 cm.

How do you measure a ring's size?

There are many methods to selecting the right size ring. Below you will see different methods for measuring the size of a ring. You can try a variety of methods to be sure of the result.

Measuring the diameter of rings using an instrument such as a ruler

If you already own a ring that is adjusted to your finger size, you will be able to determine its diameter to know what size is best for you. To do this, once the ring is set on an even surface, take measurements of its diameter with an instrument, and then provide the appropriate size according to the correspondence table below.

This method is easy and cheap. It is not the most precise method. Also, don't be afraid to take the measurements several times to find the correct size.


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