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Revealing a Simple Guide to Understanding Football Betting Odds

Football and football betting have been hot topics of interest for many people recently. It's not just about entertainment; it's also a way for many to make quick money. Especially with the advancement of technology, betting has become more widespread and diverse. But if you're new to this world, and you don't quite understand it yet, follow Wintips' guide h2h soccer tips below on how to read football betting odds.

What is the concept of football betting odds?

In a match, bookmakers offer many choices to customers, known as football betting odds. Before participating, players need to analyze the information provided by the bookmakers, as this forms the basis for choosing the most favorable odds. However, the number of odds provided by bookmakers is large, complex, and difficult to understand. Only when you grasp the most common essence of reading football betting odds will you find it much easier.

Key information on the bookmakers' odds board

The most accurate way to read football betting odds is to rely on the information provided by the bookmakers on the odds board. Here's an explanation of some common terms used in betting:

(W) – Women: Women's team

(H) – Home: Home team

(A) – Away: Away team

(+): Underdog team – team given handicap

(-): Favorite team – team giving handicap

O/U – Over/Under: Over/Under

Names of the two participating teams: The home team is listed above, the away team below. In Asian handicap football betting, one team will be highlighted in red (usually the stronger team) and one team in black (usually the weaker team).

FT Handicap – Fulltime Handicap: Bookmakers provide handicap odds (Asian handicap) for both participating teams in 90 minutes.

FT Over/Under – Fulltime Over/Under: The bookmaker's technical team will predict the total goals of the match. Players will bet on Over – higher or Under – lower than the bookmaker's number.

FT 1×2 – Fulltime 1×2: This bet consists of 3 options: home team win, away team win, or draw.

1H Handicap – 1st Half Handicap: Asian handicap betting in the first half.

1H Over/Under: Players bet on over/under in the first half.

1H 1×2: Asian handicap betting in the first half.

What is a football tip? See now : what is asian handicap in soccer betting

How to Understand Football Betting Odds for Players

From the information provided in the odds table, we know that there are 3 main types of odds: Asian handicap, European handicap, and Over/Under odds. Below is a detailed and easy-to-understand guide on how to read football betting odds for reference by players.

Reading Asian Handicap Betting Odds

Asian handicap is one of the most popular types of odds today, attracting a large number of participants. Asian handicap predicts the difference in outcome between two teams. In this type of bet, we do not bet on which team wins the match; instead, we bet on which team wins the handicap. Asian handicap appears when there is a difference in skill between two teams, with the favorite team being stronger and giving a certain handicap to the underdog team (determined by the bookmaker's research and analysis).

To effectively read Asian handicap betting odds, you need to consider the following information:

Match time: Support for analyzing the odds, monitoring the match, and understanding the situation of both teams.

Names of the two participating teams: The team listed on top is the home team, and the team listed below is the away team (usually, the home team has an advantage in the match). The favored team will be highlighted in red (possibly due to the home team's advantage or superior skill), and the name of the underdog team will be in black.

Handicap odds: Represented as decimal numbers or with symbols like minus signs or fractions. For example, a handicap of 2 goals is written as 2.0, a handicap of 1.25 may be indicated as 1 - 1.5 or 1/1.5.

Payout ratio: Displayed next to the handicap odds, represented as decimal numbers like 0.91, 0.82, 0.98, etc. Players need to understand this information to calculate their winnings or losses after the match ends.

Reading European Handicap Betting Odds

European handicap or 1×2 betting has a simpler gameplay compared to Asian handicap. The payout ratio is often much higher, ranging from 1.5 onwards, which is much more attractive than Asian handicap or Over/Under odds. However, predicting the final outcome of a match is very difficult, earning it the title of the nemesis of new players or those with little experience.

Reading European handicap odds is not too difficult, without the need to understand complex odds ratios. When participating in European handicap betting, players only need to predict the final result of the match to place their bet:

Match time and location: Basic information to understand the home team's advantage and weather conditions.

Names of the two participating teams: Players will assess the recent performance in the last 5 matches to make informed betting choices.

Payout ratio: Understanding the payout ratio helps players control their capital more easily.

Bet on full match or first half.

Reading Over/Under Betting Odds

Over/Under odds are quite popular, appearing frequently in betting sites, and are not inferior to Asian handicap odds. When participating in this type of bet, players predict the total number of goals scored, regardless of which team wins or loses. The bookmaker will provide a number and payout ratio, and players choose 'Over' if they predict more goals or 'Under' if they predict fewer goals.

Bookmakers provide clear information to make it easier to read Over/Under odds for both full matches and first halves:

Understand the match time and date.

Over/Under odds: One of the helpful factors in reading football betting odds is to check the numbers provided by the bookmaker, such as 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, etc.

Payout ratio: The payout ratio between 'Over' and 'Under' options differs. Typically, 'Over' is higher than 'Under,' with the symbol 'u' indicating the 'Under' option.

Guide to Calculating Football Betting Winnings Accurately

In addition to understanding how to read football betting odds, players should also be familiar with the accurate calculation formula. Many players still believe that automated calculation systems are flawless, but this is not true. Calculating winnings not only helps you control your capital but also evaluates the credibility of the bookmaker.

Full Winnings = Capital x Odds

Full Loss = Amount Wagered

Half Winnings = Full Winnings : 2

Half Loss = Amount Wagered : 2


Above is the most detailed and easy-to-understand football tips website guide on how to read football betting odds brought to you by Wintips. Hopefully, through this article, players have gained more experience and effective strategies for analyzing odds for upcoming matches and tournaments!


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