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Jos Binoye

Child Support Attorney Orange County Protecting Your Children's Best Interests

California Family Code lays down the duty of every parent to provide for their children. This means parents are obligated to pay for their child's financial needs until they attain majority. In special circumstances, the courts may order support even after a majority.


Child support is mostly paid by the parent who gets visitation rights. This means the higher-earning spouse must pay child support to the custodial parent to take care of the child's education and healthcare expenses. 


Whether you're seeking support from the other parent or have been asked to pay support and think you're being taken advantage of, contact our child support attorney Orange County. We'll obtain and enforce adequate child support orders and ensure the child support order is just for you if you're the payor.


How can our Child Support Attorneys Help?


Our child support attorneys in Orange County can:


·        Determine child support amount based on state guidelines

·        Negotiate child support with the other parent

·        Present facts and evidence at the child support hearing

·        Enforce a child support order if the co-parent is unwilling to pay

·        Modify a child support order due to change in circumstances

·        Ensure you're receiving or paying the right child support amount.


Talk to Us


Whether you're demanding support as per the divorce agreement or you're unmarried and need financial support for your child, our experienced attorneys can help you with the entire process. 


Protect your children's future with the best child support attorney in Orange County. Call 714-733-7066 or send an email to for a free consultation. 


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